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Mold Remediation

certified-mold-remediaton-specialist-orlando-floridaOur company is proud to boast that we are certified in Mold Remediation by the Institute of Inspection and Restoration Certification (IICRC). With this certificate we guarantee that we will offer and promote a high standard of care and maintenance of health and safety. If you have a mold issue, whether big or small, we can isolate and trouble shoot where the mold resides.

We can locate the mold situated in that small nook and cranny area, or we can identify a larger mold issue you may be experiencing in your house. We are also trained to research the mold problem and figure out why you are experiencing mold in your home or small space. Mold is a serious problem that spreads at a rapid rate; if not treated in a timely manner or not treated properly, it can explode into a much larger problem and a more expensive issue to fix.

Our company has the proper containment equipment essential for eliminating mold. Along with identifying the cause of the mold, we will also alert you to any other damage. Should household decor or furniture be contaminated or threatened to contamination, we will promptly alert you and recommend a remedy for you.

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